Technical details:
Running time: 98 min
Format: 1:1,33
Sound: Mono, 1 channel
Shooting format : video

I was 7 years old. The phone rang. A man on the other end gave me a mission:I had to convince my father to give up refereeing.He said that if I failed, one day he would come home in a coffin. I told my father what the stranger had said. My father continued to referee.

Director’s statement:
When I was 7 years old, the phone rang at my home, and I answered. I was told me that if my father kept refereeing, then one day he’d be killed. My father continued to referee. I started to learn the rules of the game, thinking that as long as my father didn’t make any mistakes, then nobody would do him any harm. I’ve never been as frightened as I was during this match. I knew the rules well, and was used to refereeing in front of the TV – but this time, I couldn’t understand a thing. It was snowing so hard, it was almost apocalyptic. I felt it was important to see the game again, together with my father. As we watched it, my initial intentions began to melt away. I realised that, over time, this game had come to mean something entirely different for me.  

Adrian Porumboiu
Corneliu Porumboiu

Producer: Marcela Ursu
Director: Corneliu Porumboiu
Sound: Sebastian Zsemlye&Dana Bunescu
Translations: Tom Wilson
Subtitling: Roxana Szel
Postproduction: CINELABS

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